Monday, January 3, 2011

dear 2010,

it goes a little something like this:

suddenly you wake up and realize that you've always had everything you've ever wanted. and you panic for a moment. because now you know that you've been chasing nonsense. the ridiculous clothes. the excessive booze. the bad but glamorous friends. what was that about? and then you breath easy. because fixing it is simple. you just let it all go.

2010 you showed me how blessed i am. which is strange considering that this was the year where i lived most simply. had so very little. but had so very much. i have a boyfriend who is the world's best hugger. and a best friend who would love me even if i didn't deserve it. a family that dishes out so much wisdom it makes my head dizzy. and friends who make me laugh so hard i fear loss of bladder control.

2010, you taught me to work hard and let the rest work itself out.

thanks for that.

so much lovin,

your amanda lynn

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