Friday, November 26, 2010

send us up

to the spirit in the sky.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

we were driving cross country and stopped at some random gas station in omaha for cigarettes and ham sandwiches. we were really happy.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

recipe swap

i was doing so well on the domestic front for awhile but i've lost all motivation lately. so i thought it'd be lovely if everyone, and i mean EVERYONE who visits my ridiculous little blog (that means you, the one person from denmark who checks it daily for some reason) leaves a comment with their current favorite recipe.

please save me from my baked potato and veggie burger rut! please.

ps as soon as i get home i'll leave a comment with a recipe too, promise kids.

why the movies are not real life part deux

because in a movie you would never be wearing dirty long johns and a darth vader t shirt when your guy's ex girlfriend walks into the laundry mat on a sunday night.

that's why.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

i want to make one!

if i find the right cabinet, maybe i can make one for miss eden.


Monday, November 15, 2010

oh wow.

these australian honda ads just made my day.

oh the fixed gear bike.

and just when i thought it couldn't get any better, they have to bring in bangs:

now THATS a sweater i would pay $80 for.

if you don't know who bangs is, you should probably you tube "meet me on the facebook" right now. i'm just saying.

the new

urban outfitters catalog makes me want to light things on fire for some reason (ahem, the w lounge, ahem)

someone would really pay $80 for that bunny sweater?

the only cure for this kind of anger is to go to look at this fucking hipster and laugh at things like this:

we had

the best brunch ever at ruth's diner on sunday. AND they serve booze. new favorite breakfast spot.

ps if you look really close sean is wearing his new favorite thing in the world...his brick and mortar t. we love brick and mortar and you should too.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

oooo foxy lady

why am i late for work you ask?

that's why.

Friday, November 12, 2010

on a much brighter note


did you know i work here?

friday night

and i'm just dreaming.

scribbling in my notebook. abillionandahalf ideas stocked up for the day when it all comes true. i know it'll happen. and i know why i need to wait (it's all that money and education i don't have yet right?) and i love the work i'm doing now, but i'm growing impatient.

cuz i know my store would be magic.

darth vader

does your coffee maker remind you of darth vader when you open the lid? cuz mine sure does.

my guy

From: Jed Head
I wonder if there is anywhere you can rent puppies
7:28pm 11/11/10

From: Jed Head
We should have a pay to view puppy parade, it could be a smashing success. who doesn't want to watch a bunch of puppies on floats
7:31pm 11/11/10

where did i get him from? oh that's right, the bar.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

big ol bell bottoms

with a polka dot top? why yes please. thanks emerson made

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

why planned parenthood is scary

earlier this year when i started dating my guy i attempted to get on birth control. the result was an extremely disheveled version of my already slightly on edge self literally crying over spilt milk and somehow finding a way to blame my boyfriend for everything from the state of my hair to the state of foreign affairs. it was not pretty kids. thus, we stopped the funny business to reassess.

a couple of months later i made the trek out to planned parenthood to see what kinda hormones they suggest i eat to lower the chances of me murdering someone. first off, we all know that any gyno office is not a warm and fuzzy kinda place. there i was, freezing my nipples off in their paper gown, staring at diagrams of vaginas and charts on std's as i explained to the doctor that i didn't need a pregnancy test. i just got off my period. and i hadn't gotten any lovin in months. still, she insisted. so i peed in her cup and waited as she went to dip her little omnipotent stick in my urine.

now, i am no stranger to the at home pregnancy test. i know it takes three minutes to give you the plus or minus. three minutes passed. three more. ten minutes. ten years. and the panic began.

what if i'm pregnant?
how could that be? it would have to be some kind of immaculate conception!
would i have to start a church?
oh no, i drank at least half a bottle of whiskey last night!
great, there is a possibly divine creature living in my womb and i've already given it fetal alcohol syndrome!

the door opened and in came the doctor; avoiding my puppy-like pleads for eye contact she sat down at her computer. fiddled with her mouse. fixed her hair. knit a sweater.

at this point i felt as though my uterus had begun to crawl its way up my body and was trying to exit via my mouth. i swallowed to push it back down and the silence was broken by my womb yelling: oh hell no!

excuse me? the dr said as she painted her nails.

what was the test result? i croaked.

oh, ha, you're not pregnant, she said.

at this point i didn't know if i was going to cry, hit her, or fling myself down a flight of stairs justtobesure. (oh don't throw a hissy, i'm kidding. of course i know that children are a blessing, and children are beautiful. but sean and i possess, between the two of us, the stability of an anorexic tight rope walker on lsd. it's a pretty scary thought, ok?)

the rest of the visit went just fine and i walked away the proud owner of a three months supply of nuva rings. still, i can't help but think that the doctors at planned parenthood use some serious scare tactics on their patients. and me already being the kind of hypochondriac who could think herself into being pregnant with some drunk holy child, i just don't think i can hang.

so if you ever wonder why i get a lump in my throat when you mention the double p's...

that's why.

do what deer woman says

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

how to make me drink 3 glasses of wine in 30 minutes:

introduce me to your parents. it's not necessarily the fact that your dad has the intimidating nickname of "the badger" that has me swigging boxed merlot, but more the fact that i am about as emotionally developed as an amoeba.

how to make me want to throw up above mentioned glasses of wine:

announce to your parents in the first five minutes: amanda got scared and chugged a bunch of wine.



i wish i could say that it's not real life, but it is. a leaking hot water pipe in our basement turned our house into the amazon jungle. expanding door frames, oozing goo, and the highly unattractive smell of mildew are just a couple of the joys kyl and i will have in our lives for the next little bit.

dear dream apartment, really?

it was also comforting to see via facebook that all my friends and family are so very concerned for our well being.

keep your hands off my lamps lemon. you hear me?

speaking of lamps:

oh hi. lovin this image via halligan and jess and figured i should end this post with somethin' at least kinda pretty.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

how to please me

tell me it's okay to close the store early so i can go with my guy to a jazz game. (i'ma lucky gal.)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

"if i could have one wish in the world it would be tim gunn reading me a story every time i'm sad. it's normal."

Monday, November 1, 2010


lovin the etsy shop tiny vintage wardrobe