Friday, October 29, 2010

pepper pond town rants

this week:

1) look, i'm not saying fur is right and i'm not saying it's wrong, i'm just saying it's warm. and pretty. and that i dontwannahearaboutit from a straight edge vegan tattoo artist city boy who's never even seen a rabbit in real life and likes to feel all warm and fuzzy about himself cuz he gets buzzed off orange soda and shops at whole foods. pretentious motherfucker.

2) for someone who is perpetually sober your "art" sure does look like you were pissingalloveryourself drunk when you created it.

3) i'm going to need more than this tiny shot-sized beer to make me feel as though i didn't waste these shoes on a shitty night.

4) raise your hand if you haven't swapped std's with 75% of the people at this event at some point in time. no takers? didn't think so.

5) how to get sliced: go ahead, ask me one more time if you have to help me move all the furniture you borrowed (for free) back into the store.

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