Friday, June 25, 2010


i am beginning to form a prejudice against the educated.

it's awful, really.

it's just the way they regurgitate their professor's lectures back to me.

hands waving enthusiastically like that of a used car salesman,

or a presidential candidate,

as they carry on and on about the themes of dostoevsky's later novels.


i am calculating,

in the tiny little corner of my mind that operates mathematically,

how many packets of top ramen i could purchase with the four dollars they spend on their lattes.

yes, we have read the same books.

no, we do not have a thing in common.

these days i am seen out and about with a boy

who often forgets the difference between you're and your.

but when he talks to me about bukowski his eyes light up.

and when i slip an ee cummings poem into his back pocket

i find his favorite lines scribbled on the back of his hand the next day.

today i wandered like a zombie through the library of the university

and fought the urge to hide all my favorite books

from the dirty fingers of the pretentious savants and their collegiate snobbery.

i fear this is going to become an issue for me.

i'm too old to be this narrow minded.

too young to be so jaded.

(though i shoot whiskey like an old man i talk shit like a tenth grader and i'm beginning to think i am not my age at all i'm nothing but a combination of a strange upbringing and some wildly intense genes but hey, this run on sentence is nonsensical and a bit off the subject)

still, the prejudice grows.

any suggestions?

Friday, June 18, 2010

homie hoppin hipster whores

hit the highway.

(it's called alliteration kids)

a 12 passenger van

and 6 of the best babes i know.

plus chicago

and about a gazillion and a half amazing bands.

that's right,

i said a gazillion and a half.

tonight i'm getting extra excited for our august girls trip to lollapalooza.

the 15 year old in me might cry when i see spoon play:

and the really embarrassing girl in me is stoked on the fact that lady gaga will be there:

ps that video is worth watching just for the amazing black and white striped sofa and all the wallpaper, oh the wallpaper!

not to mention the strokes, grizzly bear, metric and so much more.

is it august yet?