Thursday, April 29, 2010

one man wolf pack.

we hide him around the house. and when you find him it's your turn to hide him again.
(concept stolen from my family and our ninja man.)

take a look at the bottom picture. how sad is it when someone hides something from you in the SHOWER?! hahaha. i know i'm a dirty hippie girl, are you trying to tell me something kyl?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

the cusp of love.

i woke up this morning and i realized that i almosthate him.

i suppose that's what happens when you stay in that almostlove phase for too long?

so what does one do when the cusp of love becomes the cusp of hate?

well, i don't know about everyone else but i ate chocolate cake for breakfast and went about my business as usual.

i submit that the only cure for a broken heart might be chocolate cake and sweet and spicy tea.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

it's normal

moonshine bambie and stardust amber raven.

they're sisters.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

today was

the first day of my new job.

and i wore these shoes and my birthday girl pink socks.

Friday, April 23, 2010

i think today

i need to take a lesson from this girl:

cuz i'm feelin a little bit on the theworldisamessmylifeisamessandivewastedtoomuchtimefixensomeoneelsesbullshit and i'd rather not get outta bed to be honest.

but when i look at these pictures i understand that the only cure for the fadetoblues is to get up and do something (no matter how bitty) to make your little corner of the world a more lovely little corner.

as if to say: oh well hello world, i hope you'll be happy i was here when i'm gone.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

come get fleas!


who vintage will be bringing this sort of funk:

and our gypsy loves will be bringing this kind of noise:

i can tell that you're getting the itch. come scratch it.

we've made a pact.

every april 20th and every other new years.

and yes, that is a denim jumpsuit.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


if you're on here reading this noise you should be on here instead:

i can't figure out how to add links these days. yup. i'm technologically challenged. just go there. i'm sure you can figure it out. you're god. duh.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

three conclusions about america.

a friend of mine died in afghanistan last week.
has that happened to anyone else yet?

i don't think i've ever understood the word "senseless" so. quite. much.

and i thought about writing his lovely blonde wife.
just to tell her what a good friend he had been to me.

but it was too sad to bear. and there's a baby over there.

(he's got red hair.)

so i let it pass.

put on some comfortable shoes.
took myself for a walk.

outside i started to think about how
when i was a kid
my best friend's name was erica.

well they call me amanda, you see.

and we had black hair.
oh, and we had barefeet.

we swam naked in the river.

and they called us america.

we climbed hills turned mountains.
we made towers outta trees.

(we weren't bothered with the birds back then.
we didn't give a damn about the bees.)

we danced to our parent's records.
we told secrets of our own.

and they called us america.

and then nothin really happened.
but everything went down.

the next thing i knew that girl's mom had passed away.

the marathon runner
got breast cancer

and goodbye.

and i thought about calling her raven haired daughter.
just to tell her what a good friend she had been to me.

but it was too sad to bear. her cryin out there.

(and her mom is whoknowswhere?)

so i let it pass.

now i'm back on that walk.
in those comfy shoes of mine.

and i pause next to a bus stop.
inside the bus there is a woman.
mid 40's and awfully obese.

i want to write her a message.
i want to yell:

get off the bus!
get off a block early!
it's not too late for you to walk!

but i just stand there. match her frown with a blank stare.

(it's not that i didn't dare.)

the bus passes.

i wonder if they would still call me america?

by the time i get home i've come to three conclusions:

1) i know that i am.
2) that my friend was.
3) that his son will be.

i suppose there's a lot more pavement in between me and the rest of it all.

but it's not too late for any of us to walk

u and a

move in together.

turns out that when you mix a bit of this:

with a dab-a-this:

you get some serious magic:

and how could you not when one girl owns this:

and the other owns this:

our home is heaven.

and our coffee table is a playland:

come visit. i know you'll do the right thing.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

flea markets

from etymology online we learn that the term flea market came from paris in 1917 "especially in reference to the Fr. marché aux puces in Paris, so-called because there are so many second-hand articles sold of all kinds that they are believed to gather fleas."

and since i know that most of my friends are downright dirty vagabonds, i hope to see you all here:

Monday, April 5, 2010

if you

can watch this video and not find it somewhere in your heart to love it...well i'm not entirely sure what you're doing on my blog.