Thursday, March 11, 2010

per say

if someone asked you, per se, who the most arrogant person you've ever met was...who would you say? per se?

how about i give you a two-part response?


now, if i had walked up on virtually any girl alive having this conversation with my ex boyfriend:

kyl: i just want you to know that i'm totally on your side. she's crazy. i know that better than anyone.

i probably would have given the chick a "god cross" across her cheek. but when i walked up on kyl saying those exact words to alex i just said: no it's fine, keep going, i've had this exact same conversation with your ex boyfriend.

i love her like i love my right arm. i need it, it's part of me, and sometimes it pisses me off but it's still my damn right arm.

and i know the feeling is mutual. especially since someone once said about us: amanda and kyl think they're so unique and artsy, but outside of utah they're just like every other girl who shops at urban outfitters.

you're the u to my a. i love you like a mandarin coral loveseat.


god? is that you? because you look like a unicorn and you smell like colombian devil's breath. because you let me sleep on your couch through an embarrassingly dramatic break up and kept me entertained with your tale of two cult brothers.

brandie to a boy that i had over one day: who the fuck are you that i would have seen your facebook pictures?

plus you love vintage sewing machines, and cowboy dance nights, and trailer trash horror films.

i want to grow old with brandie so that we can wake up every morning in vintage slips, throw on our fur coats, and smoke a cigarette at the kitchen table while sipping mimosas...when we're 70.

so basically the moral of this story is that i'm jealous you two are together right now, and i am just sitting at home blogging. i'm not so sure i enjoy this responsible thing.


her name is kyl said...

that is funny. i love that i've never bought a damn thing from urban outfitters. friggin tadehara. lame.
and... no fair..
brandie is your fun soulmate and i'm an arm.

wilson said...

I raed "if someone asked you, per se, who the most arrogant person you've ever met was..." and I was like... I bet this song is about me.

J said...

I forgot that I said that on myspace! That was pretty funny!!! I didn't think that you guys were paying attention to what i had said. The real meaning was not in the specifics. "friggin tadehara"!!