Monday, January 4, 2010

dear 2009,

you were mad.

you brought me champagne for breakfast and left me thirsty in a way i still can't comprehend.

you taught me to love every freckle on my body as a beautiful boy loved them in a summer of brown skin.

you brought me campfires where i danced in circles, barefoot and tipsy and wild, wearing war paint made of mud and a daisy headdress.

you showed me that jealousy tastes a lot like cheap whiskey and a little like some cheap girl's perfume.

you showed me that strength tastes a lot like jameson and looks a little like a cheap zombie film.

you brought me gold sparkly sweaters, records, giant chalkboards, owl sculptors, and vintage sewing machines.

you taught me to be more capricious, more insane, more passionate and loud and loving.

2009 you threw me for a whirl but i...

i became the kind of woman who enjoys being dizzy.

thank you very much 2009.

lord am i glad you are over!

peace and love,

your mandalynn

1 comment:

Jocelyn said...

Oh lord amanda would you please just write a damn book already! I just love the scribbles! Please? Pretty please?