Wednesday, December 16, 2009

click click clack

it took howlong?
for me to relearn
how to fall asleep without the sound of your typewriter

but that was when? and this is now
and it aint so much that i'm thinking bout you
its just the sound of your click click clack
that's got me drifting back
as it freuds its way into my sleep

when that midwest winter had crawled into my bones
i crawled into your bed
and didn't leave for about a week

saying, baby touch me in the places that got so soft
as i got so comfortable loving you

so when that click click clack
started persisting through the night
had a feeling you might
maybe be clickin bout me
so brown and pink
in between your sheets
all limbs, and eyes, and hair

saying, boy you best not be calling me child
i got thoughts that'll make yours seem mild

it's just that i was never content
being some great man's muse
knew i had to get your click click clack outta my head
if i ever wanted to produce any of my own
and we both know i'm no nice girl
but you had me wanting that life
for about a week

and now you're saying that aint much to you
but baby, no one's made me feel so soft like you do
so if your click click clacks got the fade to blues
come crawl into my bed for a week
maybe two

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