Tuesday, October 21, 2008

of course

i am obsessed again.

watched the fleetwood mac live dvd with ryan, mags and kyle.

forgot how this is pretty much one of my favorite songs and how maggie is pretty much one of my favorite people. we scream the lyrics to rhiannon and fall in love with the drummer.

we are made out of the same stuff that girl and i.

the next day my mom and i had a fleetwood mac dance party in her living room. windows open and neighbors thinking we were crazy.

oh how home is heaven. home is eden sleeping in my arms and shared bottles of wine and krue making me laugh so hard i cry and maddie being the amazing listener she is. i am glad i am gone if only to appreciate it more.

but back to the subject matter at hand:

love it so much.

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Anonymous said...

My birthday went well. Low key, but fun. Miss you. When are you coming this way again?