Saturday, September 6, 2008

A bee

came shopping with me today.

now normally i am not a huge fan of bees, what with their tendency to sting and all. it's just that this particular bee had fashion sense and was therefor relieved of all previous bee prejudices.

we first became friends outside of H&M. he waited for me at JCrew and buzzed along beside me all the way to Banana. he even tried to hop in the car with me (obviously because he knew i was about to hit up the third ward boutiques.)

i do hope he approved of my first fall purchases: assorted camis for under cardigans, a cashmere sweater and a wool coat. i could tell he was disappointed that i opted out of this little cashmere cardigan

but alas, the funds were simply not there.

goodbye bee friend. happy fall.


The Batistas said...

Just be glad you have funds to spend on yourself...and without having to justify any clothing purchaces to a husband who would wear gym shorts and t-shirts for the rest of his life. :)

Anonymous said...

I forgive you. My birthday is on October 19th. Question: Will you be available to talk on Saturday or Sunday? I think we should schedule some quality time to talk.