Saturday, August 23, 2008


a fresh start. a little life. a pretty home. friends, conversation, food.

"i am inclined to babies and bed and brilliant friends and a magnificent stimulating home where geniuses drink gin in the kitchen after a delectable dinner and read their own novels and tell about why the stock market is the way it will be and discuss scientific mysticism." -Sylvia Plath

minus the babies.

things here feel muddled. feel stale. weighed down with too many Hims. oh, what a mess i've made. i think i've worn out my welcome in wisconsin.

so denver here i come...back.

perhaps my life is going to be an eternal string of failed attempts at fresh starts. this is a risk i am willing to take.

get me outta here.


Stephanie said...

Pretty linens. You're pretty. I got your 5 day late good friend phone message today, loved it, but I worked for 12 hours on behalf of parent/teacher conferences and was sick of living afterward. Ironically, it gets a little old explaining to parents that, yes, in fact I am older than 16. And, yes, I do have a college degree (unlike them.) Quite oppositely, I'm a sarcastic old hag.

karamea.pearl said...

hahahahaaaaaa i wish i could secretly film her parent teacher conferences! i bet the looks are just priceless!