Saturday, April 26, 2008

Girl Sailor

Sail her don't sink her this time

So much salt on my edamame. and the shins are singing about something or other. i really don't care for diet coke but it'll do. (and oh how that last sentence is symbolic for other things. you know, symbolism, like how mrs. smyley used to talk about Gatsby.) also, there should be a huge candy bar in this picture except i left it out. because the way i eat is appalling.

it is relatively possible that i have messed things up quite properly for myself this time. all though i don't regret because i feel myself learning as we speak. at least i think that's what that sick feeling in my stomach is. the gaining of knowledge. maybe it's just all the diet coke and cookies. or anxiety. nope, definitely going to go with knowledge.

i think i may just take a nap now ladies and gentlemen.

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