Friday, March 14, 2008

And I'm singing oh oh on a Friday night.

Bought Foundations by Miss Kate Nash and am amazed by how wonderful it is.

And, this, is my brain
It's torturous analytical thoughts
Make me go insane.
-Mouthwash, Kate Nash

Yeah, I hear you Kate.

Question: Why is it that the sexuality of every man I am interested in has to be questioned?

Answer: I am destined to fall in love with a gay man. We will get married. and then one day I will come home and he will say to me: Manda, I adore you, but I have been cheating on you...with our hair dresser Roberto.

I will, obviously, be traumatized.

But whatev.

I am exhausted. I'll write more later.

**Changed post because Kyl had to correct my spelling. What's with you people, I don't keep this little blog to demonstrate to the world my grammar skills...I keep it to rant! Geeze.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Don't stop. Believing.

i felt better the minute all the sunshine hit my face. and I was comfy in the big cheetah bed reading a book with my best friend after we had swung through a Del Taco to partake of some after2AMtacos. stopped by the side of the road to take a picture with a road sign. had breakfast in the morning sun while a construction worker listened to a country radio station nearby. grapefruit and anis tea. toast and eggs.

it was the perfect break to clear my imperfect head.

life has been seriously good thus far in 08 but i've got some things that could use some tweaking.

you know when you wake up and realize that you haven't done laundry in so long that all the underwear you have left is: a) super sexy/lacy or b) little girlish/why do i still own these? you can't wear the first option because it is a far too depressing reminder that your life is entirely void of sexual activity... so by process of elimination you end up sporting the bambie panties.

or maybe that's just me?

how about when that harsh grummble in your stomach reminds you that heating up edamame is not the same thing as cooking, and scarfing chocolate chip cookies post edamame certainly does not make it a two course meal. my body is slowly disappearing (except for my stomach which seems to grow daily in proportion to the amount of sugar i consume.) i would say that i look like an african child but that would be too flattering a portrait; i look like ET.

gotta get out and run. gotta take care of myself. do laundry. wash car. wash hair. find yoga classes. cook healthy meals. get some sun. and much more.

i am busy. like freakishly busy. like full time job meets full time student meets constantly moving from city to city busy. but that is no excuse to let myself go. i am 21 for crying out loud!

the good news: i laughed a lot this weekend. i bought gold jesus sandals and a pink dress. i decided to let a certain boy take me on a date and not to say anything mean or crabby the whole time long.

oh, and i made this list: 1) start gardening 2) buy a bike with a basket for rides to the market 3) look up good spring/summer recipes (who has some?) 4) find a yoga studio 5) keep it organic

i find lists to be extremely soothing.

what a dork i am

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I'm just a new soul

living in a strange world. Hoping I can learn something 'bout how to give and take.
-New Soul, Yael Naim

FIVE fetching days in the sky. Good blasted hell. I love my job. My body has no idea what time zone it is in, but so far this week I:

Went to a Barack Obamma rally in San Antonio.

Ate a wonderful lunch with my crew on the edge of the river right down from the Alamo.

Woke up early in the morning and took a jog by the bay in Vancouver (first time in Canada.)

and had a millionaire profess love for me.

plus tomorrow I head to the West for some serious Kyl a gay bar? Yesss.

P.S. I am for sure moving to Milwaukee in April now. Random I know, but I am super excited.

P.S.S. Why does the only adorable and hilarious man I have met in ages have to be fetching Mormon? Ran into Him in the SLC airport and went borderline weak in the knees. Jack ass, with all his morals and what not. I'm PISSED. and he's being all flirtatious with me, I want to just say: hey listen mister, don't go there. I am trouble. I will get you excommunicated. Mmmkay?

Seriously. Before I do something slutty with someone I don't even like. Okay, I am getting way too comfy with the shit I post on this blog. I'm hoping only people that know and love me are reading it, and therefor get my sense of humor?

I'm not really going to get anyone excommunicated.

Just addicted to drugs.

Kidding...again...kidding people.