Saturday, February 2, 2008

Just a few pictures.


Come this way, get out go go!

Fighting fires in pea coats.

Infant lifevest oragami.

Three must haves for my past month: Tony Caputos, my manual and my iPod.

After the night of hell with Rusty and the icebitch. No wonder we all went home and drank too much! Never have I ever...

Choc, Chip and my new Roomie.

and then Brian went up to the board and quoted Elle Woods but whatever.


karlee said...

You look absolutely adorable in that picture!! Adorable and Happy. Are you happy? Because you look it and its good.
PS. Waitress is my new favorite movie. I don't even like pies but I want to make one now.

Karamea.Pearl said...

fighting fires in pea coats.

when can we start flying places?
p.s. wanna fly to florida in march?!

Stephanie said...

I want a neck tie like that...look into it for me. Even though I only saw you twice while you were here, I basically miss you. I miss just knowing you were here. Thought you ought to know i love you.

Anonymous said...

No one pulls off the plastic bag over the head while wearing a pea coat better than you! Oh, I have been trying to call you...I feel like you should turn on your phone! Thanks!