Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I got

a little tipsy on happy hour martinis. too much sugar in too much cake. and when i got home they were thinking i should call him. seeing as we are in the same city tonight and all. but i hopped in the shower, thought i could scrub him off my skin. thought that i could undo all that i did. and when i got online i found this little tidbit from the IS. it sounded like something i would write, but maybe better. here it is:

Friday, February 22, 2008

Denver so far

has been interesting. I like it though.

It has basically consisted of Matt, Stacie and I driving around looking for places. Matt rapping to M.I.A. or making me sing Moulin Rouge with him. I think the 3 of us have a seriously good roommate vibe. It's gonna be good.

Stacie says the funniest shit and Matt just laughs at how ridiculous I am when I crawl out of bed in the morning with a crazy story about my last nights adventures.

Except I locked some pilots out of the house. oops.

and except I might move to Milwaukee. oops again.

I know I keep promising pictures and not delivering, but soon.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

just got back

from pretty much 5 days of straight flying. am a bit exhausted to say the least but that's okay because my trip was a blast.

the highlight would probably have to be when my first officer decided to announce to the cabin that i was first runner up in a national arm wrestling competition.

after that i kept sticking my arms into the flight deck and flexing them saying: these guns are ready for taxi.

and they would both just flex their muscles back and say: how did you get those guns through security?

yeah. my crew was hilarious. we kept having a word of the day: tumultuous.

because flying one of these little babies into cody, wyoming is certainly tumultuous.

got home to a lovely valentines card from none other than miss kyl. i like it better when she is a phone call away but i think she's having a blast in london so good for her!

anyway, i am in st george probably until tuesday or wednesday and then i head to denver. so excited. i am still sick and have lots of homework to do (i have yet to finish shakespeare's othello, oops) but i am going to try and make it out to see you people cuz i miss you!

much love.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Just a few pictures.


Come this way, get out go go!

Fighting fires in pea coats.

Infant lifevest oragami.

Three must haves for my past month: Tony Caputos, my manual and my iPod.

After the night of hell with Rusty and the icebitch. No wonder we all went home and drank too much! Never have I ever...

Choc, Chip and my new Roomie.

and then Brian went up to the board and quoted Elle Woods but whatever.