Saturday, January 5, 2008

In 2008

I have 3 main goals:

To drink more tea and less coffee. More wine and less liquor.

To find that blasted balance between promiscuity and nunnery that alluded me all through out last year.

To spend more money increasing my book collection and less money increasing my shoe collection.

In addition I plan to:

Head to NYC to see Les Mis and have mimosas with Jason and Marcos.
Re-read Tolstoy, Kerouac and Ginsberg.
Eat organic.
Leave the country.
Fill countless notebooks with my copious scribbles.
Learn for knowledge not for grades.
and spend more time with my people.

1 comment:

Cassidy Legg said...

hey! So I am pretty sure I saw you at Cafe Rio like a week ago but I could tell if it was you for sure or not so I was scared to say anything. I am a geek I know. Looks like you are doing well and I am very happy for you