Tuesday, January 29, 2008

We are

eating pizza and drinking WAY too much wine. and this was said:

If the dryer starts at 3AM you KNOW he is not doing his whites.


Have you ever met someone and you think, I wish you would look at me like you thought I was Christmas?

-Kaycee Norem

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Yeah I know everything is gonna be all right.

2008 is only a month in and already I can tell it is going to be challenging and exhilerating and demanding and amazing.

I just sat at dinner with new friends that I feel so close to and yet barely know. We are a little InFlight family and are so excited to use our travel privledges to explore eachother's hometowns and new spaces alike.

The first day they said how this career is a lifestyle. They said that your coworkers will become family. I was charecteristcally cynical. Yeah right.

and it is already happening.

Here's to a life that deals with deadheads and RONs in random cities and complaining about Brasillias (unless you're Stacie and you want to be in Santa Barbara) and bitching about being on reserve. and dreaming of holding a line. Here's to knowing about every good bar in every random city.

I LOVE these people. and will post pictures soon.

I feel so refreshed. So ME. Like I can do anything. I have survived this training and am keeping my grades up. I have made new friends with fascinating people. I have maintained old friendships that mean the world to me. I have lived a physically and mentally healthy lifestyle. And yes, it has only been a month, but I am confident that I will be able to keep this up for awhile. I know I can.

P.S. I just accomplished a goal for 2008...a major one...and if you know what it is then you are excited for me. and if you don't know, and want to know. just ask.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


and chocolate cake. navy pea coat and fuschia scarf. late night cramming. shakespeare. long phone calls with kyl. short short dresses. new friends. cups of soup. soy beans. tony caputo. my iPod. books and books and books. laundry at the Hulet's. vodka crans at Green Street. party planes. hilarious evacuation mistakes. early morning coffee and 3 newspapers. fusako. WRONG. laughter laughter and laughter.

this is my life currently.

oh, and did I mention Denver?


Sunday, January 13, 2008

I get

my laptop back as soon as I have time to go get it, or the rents have time to bring it to me.

I feel so disconnected from the outside world right now! No WWWD or CNN.com. It's weird.

But I am loving training. I'm actually suprised by how fascinated I have become with everything that I have learned. It has inspired a new life goal for me: get my private pilots license.

Currently in love with:

Humanitarian work

I miss miss Kyl but am loving being close to Steph. She mommied me and made me chicken the other night. Wonderful.

I'm trying to decide wether or not I have a thing for a very confusing boy and wether or not he has a thing for me. Blah blah blah.

I will write more when I get my computer! Love you all. Peace.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

In 2008

I have 3 main goals:

To drink more tea and less coffee. More wine and less liquor.

To find that blasted balance between promiscuity and nunnery that alluded me all through out last year.

To spend more money increasing my book collection and less money increasing my shoe collection.

In addition I plan to:

Head to NYC to see Les Mis and have mimosas with Jason and Marcos.
Re-read Tolstoy, Kerouac and Ginsberg.
Eat organic.
Leave the country.
Fill countless notebooks with my copious scribbles.
Learn for knowledge not for grades.
and spend more time with my people.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

The brotha had it goin on

with somethin kind ooooh wicked wicked. Had to kick it. I'm not shy so I asked for his digits.

Safari. Cheetah sweater meets elephant necklace.

Have ninja will travel.

Three things I could find in any city: good coffee, a used book store and a thrift shop. This is an example of two.

Once again ladies and gents I give you my entire life in two suitcases and a car. I'm not gonna lie, it's getting a bit old.

So since my batteries died in Mo's on new years I will offer amazing quotes from New Year's weekend to suffice:

Jason: Oooh cowboy rope! I'm gonna tie you up...and then you can tie me up...and then I guess we can't do anything cuz we'll both be tied up.

Kyl: Ha, look at her, she's totally walk of shaming it.
Me: Well aren't we DRIVE of shaming it?
Kyl: Yeah but she's afoot and we have wheels! Ooh look a Jack in the Box!

Aunt Jen: My friend went on a date with someone she met on Match.com...he turned out to be a little person...like a dwarf.
Me: Kyl wants to date a Mexican thug and a cowboy.
Aunt Jen: ...I've done both.

My current status: packing to hop a bus back to Cali for three days and then hop a plane to Salt Lake for 24. After that, who the hell knows. As Jesse would say: W-T-Fuck?!

P.S. Bonus points if you know what song I was quoting at the beginning of this entry.
P.S.S. Extra bonus points if you know what I'm talking about when I say that a certain someone looked ah-mazing on both the sartorialist and wwwd today despite the fact that she is wearing a sling. Oh to be the editor in chief of French Vogue.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Getting over the coast.

I dont think I can.

It goes like this: sometimes you know exactly what you want. You're set. It's all figured out.

Like when you've always known that you need to be with someone who can hold a debate with you. Who won't fall victim to your imrightyourwrongandthatwillneverchangesothere

You meet someone with the strength to hold his own. You are whisked away by his ability to debate books with you. To debate music with you. To debate politics with you.

Then suddenly it all turns stale. He thinks your favorite books are ridiculous. Your music tastes cliche. Your political views naive. Then the debates become arguments.

And you're not sure that this is what you want anymore.

Or like when you think you know where you want to live.

Then you drive back to San Diego. You see the San Bernadino mountains. You sleep comfortably in your aunt's house and remember how it feels like home. You take the 163 downtown with your best friend and feel the energy of the city wrap itself around you and wiggle it's way into your body.

I can remember being this tiny little girl and watching my house in California dissapear behind our van as we left for Utah, and for the last 3 times that I've made the trip from the coast to the desert I have felt just like that little girl all over again.


The first night out with Kyl I met a boy who's favorite authors included Tolstoy and Dostoevsky.

I don't think I've ever met a man in Utah who knows who they are, nevermind appreciates their work.

Granted, I fought with said boy all night and had what was probably the most awkward/interesting male female encounter of my life...but still.

New Years was rang in with a bunch of latin gays and transvestites not to mention the meeting of our new best friends, Marcos and Jason. Love them, can't wait to see them in New York.

I love the people. I love the enviroment. I love it all.

And now I am confused about what I want. Imagine that.