Saturday, December 8, 2007


Weekends are amazing lately.

Last weekend was lots of wine and dinner dates with Kyl and the formation of a certain Team Vibe.


Chae: Ummm...your "team" practically had a search party out for you and when I said that I didn't know where you were Kyl slapped me in the mouth.

Me: Why were you so worried about me?

Kyl: Because you wander when you drink!

Me: Fair enough.

Team Vibe is actually reuniting tonight for margaritas I believe. Blended and strawberry, please and thank you.

Last night Kyl and I ended up in the only dive bar in St. George dancing the night away with Peejarama and Wazzach while the local hicks/latinos gawked. Pretty great.

Saturday morning phone call to Kyl:

Me: I can't sleep because my whole bed smells like cigarettes. My hair smells like cigarettes. My body smells like cigarettes. I feel like I've been sleeping in an ash tray full of Marlboro.

Other than that my weeks are full of work, school and studying for my flight attendant test. Pick up couch, replace with table. Paint wall green. Jenny hates it. Paint wall yellow. My navy tights are splattered with paint. But if you have to work retail you mine as well work in a place where you can paint and listen to Bjork, The Shins, and Rufus Wainwright singing Christmas carols. Come home, stare at computer and try to focus on homework. When homework is finished pick up Skywest packet and memorize abbreviations. VSI = Visual Service Indicator and so on...

Lastly, this is why my family is great and living with them through Christmas will be bearable. The ninja. He gets moved all around the house and you have to think of new funny places to put him. I started taking pictures to document the adventures of the ninja.

No, not even my pumpkin spice coffee is safe from the ninja.


Karamea Pearl Puriri said...

the ninja idea is awesome.
and peej loooved hanging out. especially at the one and only. i'm so glad you took care of him in true kyl and amanda fashion!

and i agree with you. my life smells of cigarettes. my purse, my clothes, my hair, my car. sometimes it's so bad it makes me want to quit.
and then i'm out till 4am downing one too many drinks and smoking the last cigarette from the pack i bought that same day.
i should pick up lollipops or something instead. the price of st. george cigarettes is enough to make me want to quit haha...a whole dollar and a half more than here. ah pathetic.

Stephanie said...

Pumpkin Spice did I hear. Check out my blog!