Sunday, December 9, 2007

I'm dreaming

of a white Christmas.

I woke up this morning to a coat of fresh snow and the smell of my favorite turkey bacon. Poured myself a cup of coffee and laced up my running shoes. Went for a short jog because the air was making my lungs feel simultaneously on fire and frozen solid. Still, the scenery? Amazing. It finally felt like Christmas time.

With that in mind I am pleased to give you my all white Christmas wish-list.

These beautiful Marc by Marc Jacobs ankle boots that I stare at daily on

A white Blackberry Pearl because I think I need internet access when I'm hanging out in airports, right?

And a very pale skinned, fantastic dressing, SLC boy to keep me warm during the month of January. You hear that? I may be talking to you. But you only get January...that's it.
(Photo from none other than the sartorialist. Love him.)

Lastly, I would LOVE to not have my best friend moving far away from me, but out of all the far out things I listed above this is the one that will for sure not be happening. Oh well my dear Kyl, here's to both of us attending UC schools in another year maybe? And Europe in the spring? Russian mafia?

(Except what I'm getting is a coffee maker and a toaster and a new dictionary. I am actually quite thrilled about all 3.)

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Orrin and Karlee said...

The day you meet a man you love who has muscles is the day you can't hug a skinny person again. I swear. I see old friends (whom I have dated) that are skinny (because lets face it, all of them were), I give them a hug and want to vomit because I can fit my hands around him twice. But I hope you find your skinny white boy who will drink coffee and talk smart with you!