Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The best phone convo since the Brody and Spencer breakup.

The phone rings:

Jay: Amanda, do not let us down.
Me: Mmmmm, I'll try my best not to?
Jay: Well then please tell me you're drunk.
Me: Hahaha! No! Sorry, sober since Saturday.
Jay: Damn it.
Me: Why?
Jay: Because we're playing kind of like a phone scavenger hunt and we need to talk to a drunk person.
Me: Oh and I'm the first person you call?
Jay: No...but Maddie didn't answer...
Me: Hahahaha! Fair enough.
Jay: Go get drunk, quick!
Me: I don't even have any alcohol in the house.
Jay: No way. We'd heard you've changed...but this? This is too much.
Me: So sorry.

And later a text message:

Me: So did you win? And am I forgiven for not being drunk?
Jay: We lost. In the words of Lauren Conrad, "We want to forgive you...and we want to FORGET you."

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Stephanie said...

My gosh, who is the Jay person who knows quotes from The Hills? He is amazing! By the way, about a month until we are city friends. We should shop over it.