Friday, November 23, 2007

To whom it may concern:

Dear girl who came into my work carrying an authentic Balenciaga Motorcycle in mustard,

I hate you. And those "vintage" earings you purchased for $25 were at the DI last week. God that felt good.



Dear St. George UT Target,

They're called Radiohead...and they're kind of really well known and amazing...perhaps you should start carrying their music? Also, Rilo Kiley is the name of a band not a person and should therefor be filed under R not K.



Dear Self,

You need a sugar daddy. Bad. Christmas is less than a month away and you really need a Blackberry and a pair of Chanel wing tipped boots. Perhaps with Miss Lohan apparently dating some thug she met in rehab Mr. Lagerfeld himself is available?

Just an idea,


Dear SLC,

I just found out that Miss Maddie herself will be heading northward at the same time as yours truly. Just so you know, liquor stores tend to get robbed when we come around.


Maffie and Madanba


Karamea Pearl Puriri said...

don't fret.
i'm bringing home a giant radiohead collection..including the new one. so steal all you want. i have lots of music you will fall in love with.
but would you expect anything less?

and oh how i wish i was moving to salt lake.
i guess i easily could. i think i'm just afraid to grow up and get a real job.
....maybe i'll come with you?

Scott said...

you're funny. "scottage cheese" love it.