Thursday, November 29, 2007

She says let's get moving.

Along with winter comes Minus the Bear.

With a good pair of boots, a scarf, a vanilla latte; my iPod tucked carefully into the pocket of my pea coat and they ask:

maybe come with me to the coast
and watch how the rain comes down?

Bye bye Maddie. Her moving party was Monday. Mucho fun. Vodka crans outside of Best Buy and Ryan informing me that Robert Plant made a CD with Alison Kraus while YuYa complimented my DI shoes. Good times.

I chatted up life with Karms on the phone outside cuz Groskreutz kept telling me that I wasn't allowed to "talk philosophical" at his "birthday dinner."

His birthday is in December.

Today I bought a pair of moccasin-esque boots at the Catholic thrift store (if you see me in the next bit remind me to tell you about what the priest said to me so you can give me your opinion as to whether or not he was hitting on me...) and wanted to run to her work to show them to her but realized that I would have to settle for a text.

Manda: Dear Pocahontas, yay for thrift store boots that make me feel connected to my little Indian best friend though she is far away!

And in case you don't know why she is Pocahontas...Exhibit A:

This weekend is going to be an adventure. Newly single Kaila, Michael Jackson dance party at a famous Kyl shindig and maybe a show. I am determined to take pictures. Oh, and hair cut tomorrow...yikes?!


kate said...

what the heck are you doing! you kill me. I need your adress and i know its creepy that i tracked you down on this blog world to get it. I'm getting married! kate mcdonald

Karamea Pearl Puriri said...

i hate that you're moving to salt lake...or san diego and taking your philosophical talk/drunk dance party ways away from me.
maybe i'll be responsible, work my ass off then move with you.

Karamea Pearl Puriri said...
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Karamea Pearl Puriri said...

oh if we were rich.
can we win the lottery?!

if i had all the money in the world i'd clean out that new website i found along with urban outfitters, a.a., and this one:

clothes. kill me. i neeeeed all of them.

i want bright yellow tights and awkward thrift store shoes with a cute oversized plaid shirt and a giant scarf. why is that so hard to come across?!?!?!?!