Thursday, November 15, 2007

Rupert Murdoch is being sued.

Which should make for a wonderful morning.

But then there is the bank lady saying, "credit this, and credit that..." and all I am thinking is: how many colors of the American Apparel v-necks should I order?

Sometimes you buy turquoise shoes to make up for your purple couch getting cinged. Irons irons irons. Or cigarettes? I'll never tell.

Tonight could be about the movies. Across the Universe? But I miss intense conversations about communism over even more intense vodka crans. and lord am I bored of it all. Just 5 more days.

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Karamea Pearl said...

i'm so excited to come home to this.
tall vodka crans, long conversations, and watching our cigarettes slowly burn away.

this move is going to be a very exciting challenge.