Sunday, November 11, 2007

Day 4 of my no pants strike.

So I've been refusing to wear pants lately. No, it is not a political move. Please.
Pants and I just need a break from one another. We will meet again soon.

I had such a good weekend! So relaxed and carefree. (Mom: That is because you didn't drink. Me: Or perhaps it is because I wasn't wearing pants?)

Friday night was Sushi with Maddie and the boys. I have missed them. I have missed edamame just as much. Alex does not eat anything white, we made him try a roll with mayo. He nearly died.

See that little skull? Well when they searched me...
Me: Sometimes you just need to put on big sunglasses and dance to Beyonce.

Saturday night I met up with some old friends turned new Salt Lake peeps. I love witnessing how people change, it's fascinating.

Plus it was a prolific shopping weekend. Thank the lovely for used furniture and clothes.

Fucshia suede coat. Mandarin Collar. Silk Lining. Vintage in the accurate rather than trendy sense of the word. It's a thing of beauty...I have the best coat collection ever.

Dishes for my new mismatched kitchen. Black and green and red and yellow. They'll look perfect on my spray painted table. You know, purposely poor looking.

I feel like life is calming down and going back to normal. I finally feel like myself again. Hope life is well for everyone else. Peace and love.

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Jocelyn said...

Well hello hello! Glad to see you have a blog!!

If I went on a no pants strike I would be running around in my panties...nobody wants that! Glad to hear your at least wearing leggings! Oh and your coat is super fab! Love it!