Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Ode to my yellow heels.

Because they are missing.

We have had a lot of good times together old friends.

You came with me to the Damien Rice show, to Vegas where we partied with some royal people from the UAE with Kay's aunt, a couple weekends ago I paired you with skinny black jeans on what turned out to be a very bad night...and this was the last night we spent together. I'm sorry that I got a little tipsy and had to carry you home, but it's hard to walk in high heels after a few.

This is a tragedy.

I feel so sad that I never got to say goodbye.


Karamea Pearl said...

i bought my first pair of colored heels the other week.
they are shiny red, and look like hooker shoes.

i'm very proud of them.

Karamea Pearl said...

things you might love.






.....this is what my life has come to.