Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Ode to my yellow heels.

Because they are missing.

We have had a lot of good times together old friends.

You came with me to the Damien Rice show, to Vegas where we partied with some royal people from the UAE with Kay's aunt, a couple weekends ago I paired you with skinny black jeans on what turned out to be a very bad night...and this was the last night we spent together. I'm sorry that I got a little tipsy and had to carry you home, but it's hard to walk in high heels after a few.

This is a tragedy.

I feel so sad that I never got to say goodbye.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Old friends

are basically the best.

Talking to Stephanie this weekend was exactly what I needed in my life. We seriously could not have grown up to be more opposite and yet the second we talk we fall into this very familiar, very us, rhythm.

I need this girl in my life, with all her quirky humor and hilarious stories there is no way you can do anything but laugh at times. I'm reminded of all the times she put on her iPod and rocked out by herself to Jay-Z. Yup. Love her.

Here is an extremely old picture of the two of us, I feel that it matches my nostalgic mood. Seriously though, I'm wearing my first pair of skinny jeans in this picture. Wow.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Where to go?

Rufus Wainwright says in his song Going To a Town: I'm so tired of America.

"Tell me, do you really think you'll go to hell for having loved?" -Rufus Wainwright.

I couldn't be more with you right now Rufus.
I woke up this morning with this immediate aching.
Can I please be in London?

My mom suggests back to Cali, bleak. I wish I had enough money to just pick up and go back to South America. or Mexico. but I know that I want to do Amsterdam next summer and that costs money.

This restlessnes, it passes. It settles.

And then there is Salt Lake. Maybe San Diego again? Stolen maps, Kettner Blvd and the Casbah. It's a good city.

On another note, I need my newest tattoo touched up.

The placing is perfect, the color is fading.

Also, I have become in LOVE with baking pies these days. So unlike me, I know. Here is my homemade apple pie made completely from scratch (I even picked the apples!)

The best part is the conversation I had with my mom while making the pie:
Me: Mom, I am making a homemade apple pie! I am like Suzy fuckin' homemaker!
Mom: Mandalynn, a good homemaker would never swear...damn it.