Saturday, July 21, 2007

Who's That Girl-Shakuhachi survey

21, quite the ah-mazing age to be.

Nickname; and why.

Favorite Colour?
Plaid, and brown

What song do you play over and over again on your iPod?
I'll kill her-Soko

Describe your sense of style.
Murders lives.

What are you wearing right now?
Jesus sandals and an old dress that was prolly home made in the 60's.

Worst shopping purchase ever?

Best bargain find.
All the boots from the DI.

Most obscure destination you've been to?
Have you ever seen my parent's house? The Andes.

Finish this friends are like...

What's in your bag?
doo dads and whoody whats. manpods and primetimes. book. notebook. water bottle and glasses. a big thing of vaseline. an umbrella. A lamp post. The land of Narnia. and so much more.

Chocolate vs chips?
Chocolate chips.

Kisses vs cuddles vs spooning?

If you were to have a dress up party-what would the theme be?
Native American mermaids. Elks life for life.

Favorite Shakuhachi piece this winter?
Blue baby doll dress!

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